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Coding our way through effective software development solutions that fulfill your present requirements while keeping in mind the futuristic possibilities.


Big data is the future

Building end-to-end digital solutions

A robust and goal-oriented software solution is the key to transforming your brand. We offer a comprehensive set of services that aligns with your goals and scales up your business.


Influence the customer perception of our brand and create an everlasting impression. Stunning visual design and exceptional technological tools backed up by a strong database; will create a distinct identity for your brand in the minds of your target audience.

App Design

Mobile applications are the go-to choice for businesses looking for a revamp as well as startups who can easily manage their back-end operations and front-end customer service all under one comprehensive database. We rely on advanced technological data stacks and garner our industry experience to develop the right application design for your brand.


Digital marketing is the most important trend to hop on. Starting from SEO, SMM, SEM, and PPC; Stellerwin offers goal-oriented marketing strategies that align with your business objective and help you increase sales. Market to niche audiences with the help of precise targeting and cost-effective solutions without having to throw a dart in the dark.


As the shopping habits of consumers are shifting to online storefronts, businesses are eager to switch their services to e-commerce platforms. Apart from starting an e-commerce project from scratch which requires an extensive strategy and technology stack, projects often want to include new features like cloud service integration, ERP systems, size optimization, etc.

Areas of Specialization

We believe in high scalability and standards, hence based on your requirements we choose the source of our technology to develop bespoke digital solutions. Explore our fields of expertise and pick the services you require to grow our brand.

Web Re-designing

Redundant website designs are one of the top reasons for low customer retention and traffic. Revamp the UI and UX of your brand website with a user-friendly design that inherits your brand’s aesthetics and guidelines with a touch of trend. Stellerwin approaches re-design by auditing the existing UI & UX, enabling speed load optimization as well as tailoring content to ensure a high conversion rate and longer visitor stay.

e-Commerce Development

We have gathered a team of experts in IT and e-commerce development to make sure that your online storefront is up and running in no time. We help manufacturers, wholesalers, retail brands, distributors, and other sectors to scale up their business, boost sales and establish stellar customer service channels. Our state-of-the-art development solutions help businesses serve their customers in the best possible way as well as generate new buying potential.

Custom Web development

With strong development skills at our disposal, we create full-stack, interactive, and user-friendly websites for businesses. Custom web development services cater to the brand’s reputation, identity, and values while blending it with powerful code and the latest design. Whether you require existing website enhancement or a full website structured from scratch; our developers are ready for the challenge.

Content Management System

Content is king and the only way for brands to interact with their audience. Customers today consume content from everywhere possible, hence managing corporate content is a crucial part of the operation and business promotion. Starting from blogs, website copywriting, brochures, social media, and much more, our integrated approach to content management system leverages data, business skills, digital asset structure, and advanced technological tools to enhance business performance.

Invoicing and Billing Management

Let go of dingy diaries because we have an integrated accounting solution right on your screens. Manage your accounts, track your stocks/financial assets, connect with banking systems, establish easier payment methods, automate workflows, and keep your GST and other taxes up to date with Stellerwin’s invoice and billing management services.

Industries using our solutions

As we maintained high-quality standards and provided expert software solutions, the number of clients that put their trust in our approach reaped the benefits of their investment. We offered result-driven strategies to our clients and shared their zeal to achieve business goals.


Solution with speed

On one hand website redesign and the latest development systems are essential to staying ahead of the game, faster search and website load is also a challenge that businesses face due to bulky code and data. This is where we come in, we will get your website ramped up and loaded at a lightning-fast speed.

Webpage Optimization
  • Guaranteed 90+ score on google PageSpeed
  • Web vital boost - FCP, LCP, CLS & FID
  • Pass google PSI assessment
  • Chat support
  • Faster site load
Extra RocketBooster
  • Score high on Google Insights
  • Page and browser caching
  • GZIP compression
  • Better SEO ranking
  • Increased conversion

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Frequently Asked Queries

You have come this far, it seems like you are interested. Let us answer some questions for you. If you are still in doubt, please contact us we encourage client interactions.

Software services include a wide spectrum of developmental solutions to choose from. The most popular ones include - Web development, UI/UX design and re-design, CMS, Mobile App development, IT consulting, E-commerce development, etc.

Popular web development services: PHP Development, Laravel Development, MERN, MEAN, WordPress.

What is meant by custom software?

Traditional software solutions are off-the-rack options for businesses that are looking to digitize their operations and build an enhanced customer experience. However, custom software solutions are built specifically for a single company/brand including their unique requirements like design, function, and goals.

Usually, a basic HTML-coded website takes about 2-3 weeks to complete, however, the exact timeline and completion of the project depend on the client to the client. We analyze the brief first before committing a timeline to our clients.

After consultation and approval of the project, a site plan is created which represents the entire website and the business. After the site plan is finalized our team starts working out on the layouts as well as the wireframes to differentiate each section of the website. As soon as the wireframes are finalized the web design team begins working on them.

We provide hosting on our servers. We also take care of registering your domain name.

There is no need for you to organize your hosting and domain name, we take care of doing ain registrations as well as hosting the website on our servers.

During development, our team ensures that the website is compatible with major browsers. However, a web page will look different depending on the browser, computer, and screen resolution.

Before we deliver the website our team makes sure that it is compatible with all major browsers. The only difference can be the look and feel of the website which varies depending on the browser, device, and screen resolution.

Depending on the complexity, development as well as levels of customization, the cost of a website varies. These include -

  • Features: Number of third-party integrations, APIs, database complexity, content types, mobile compatibility, etc.
  • UI/UX Design: Fully customizable user interface UI/UX design apps are more expensive compared to ready-made design templates
  • The complexity of the project: If your project requires the expertise and skills of experienced and qualified developers, the cost will be higher.

In case of any queries feel free to reach us, consultation and an approximation of cost will be provided for free during the briefing phase.

Before opting for a software developer who will design your app, you must have something someone to offer to your customers and your business goals must fit into the operations of a mobile application. While apps are in trend and heavily used by customers, they may prove inconsequential if you don't invest in a good software solution or if you don't align your business objectives, operations, and product to an application environment.

Stellarwins and our partners have garnered immense experience in the software development field which allows us to collaborate extensively with our clients and provide services that are tailored to their needs. Our process is streamlined and we provide end-to-end support starting from development to maintenance. Our user-focused web and mobile software services ensure that our clients achieve progressive results and faster ROI in no time.